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We at Satelligence strive to make sustainable agriculture the norm. Our mission is to empower commodity producers and buyers to combat deforestation, protect biodiversity, and decrease carbon losses. As a world leader in using remote sensing technology for sustainable commodity supply chain risk management, we aid businesses to be traceable and verified sustainable for E(SG) compliance on Deforestation and Carbon. We work globally with growers, traders, manufacturers, and financial institutions in the soft commodity, agriculture, and carbon industries, ensuring a more sustainable future.

Sustainability at Satelligence

  • SDG 13 Climate Action

    We actively fight against climate change by promoting sustainable agriculture. By combating deforestation and protecting biodiversity, we reduce carbon emissions and contribute to achieving climate action targets.

  • SDG 15 Life On Land

    Our commitment to sustainable agriculture involves the protection of terrestrial ecosystems. We battle deforestation and protect biodiversity, aiming to sustain the life on land.

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