Pieter Pot is a packaging-free online supermarket founded in 2019 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The company's mission is to help everyone live a packaging-free life and turn the entire supermarket industry upside down with their model of groceries in circular packaging. Pieter Pot's unique selling point is that everything they sell comes in glass jars, making them the first packaging-free online supermarket in the Netherlands. The company aims to create a world without disposable packaging, and they are making big strides towards achieving this goal.

Sustainability at Pieter Pot

  • SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

    Our use of circular packaging promotes responsible consumption and production. Our commitment to reducing waste by using reusable glass jars instead of disposable packaging aligns with this goal. By offering a packaging-free alternative to traditional supermarkets, we encourage consumers to make sustainable choices and reduce their environmental impact. Furthermore, our focus on circularity and resource conservation is a step towards a more sustainable economy.

  • SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals

    We work with suppliers and consumers to promote a more sustainable future. We actively seek out innovative solutions to sustainable issues and collaborates with other organizations to create a more sustainable industry. By fostering partnerships and collaborating with other organizations, our business model aligns with SDG 17.

Current Job Openings at Pieter Pot

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