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Mosa Meat is a pioneering company on a mission to bring cultured meat to the global market. We are passionate about creating sustainable and ethical alternatives to traditional meat production methods. By using cell-based technology, we aim to produce beef that is healthier, environmentally friendly, and cruelty-free. Our innovative approach not only addresses the growing demand for meat but also helps to combat the negative impacts of livestock farming on the planet and animal welfare.

Sustainability at Mosa Meat

  • SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

    We are dedicated to responsible consumption and production by developing cultured meat as an alternative to conventional meat production. Our innovative technology significantly reduces the resources required, including land, water, and energy, and contributes to a more sustainable food system.

  • SDG 13 Climate Action

    We address climate action by producing cultured meat, which has a lower greenhouse gas emission profile compared to traditional livestock farming. Our production process helps to reduce the environmental impact of meat consumption and supports global efforts to combat climate change.

Current Job Openings at Mosa Meat

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