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At Loam, we have the earth in our hands. As a team of scientists, farmers, and entrepreneurs, we are on a mission to revolutionize agriculture and address climate change. Through our cutting-edge microbial technology, we are enhancing soil health, boosting crop yields, and sequestering carbon to create a sustainable future for farming. We are committed to empowering farmers and promoting regenerative practices that benefit both the environment and their bottom line. As a fast-growing agricultural startup, we offer a dynamic and collaborative work environment where innovation and passion thrive.

Sustainability at Loam Bio

  • SDG 2 Zero Hunger

    At Loam, we address the challenges of hunger and food security by revolutionizing agriculture through our microbial technology. We boost crop yields and promote regenerative practices that lead to more sustainable farming, directly contributing to increased food production and sustainable agriculture.

  • SDG 13 Climate Action

    We are dedicated to combatting climate change. Our technology plays a key role in sequestering carbon, actively reducing the carbon footprint of agricultural practices, and leading the way towards a more resilient and sustainable farming future.

Current Job Openings at Loam Bio

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