We at GLOBHE, care deeply about data, drones, impactful actions, and our planet. Our mission is to provide accurate and actionable drone data from any part of the world through a single platform. Our focus is on creating a user experience that's as simple and straightforward as possible. We believe in fighting climate change by making well-informed decisions based on accurate data. Satellites, though useful, are expensive, polluting, and can't provide high-resolution imagery essential to observe the changes around us. We aim to solve this problem by delivering high-resolution earth observation data through drones. We're proud to be the first company offering a global, scalable alternative to satellite data. Our product, Crowddroning, helps businesses, organizations, and researchers understand the world and take action.

Sustainability at GLOBHE

  • SDG 13 Climate Action

    We are committed to Climate Action (SDG 13). Our drone-based data gathering approach provides a less polluting and more cost-effective alternative to traditional satellite imagery, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. Our high-resolution earth observation data help businesses, organizations, and researchers understand the world better and take informed climate action.

Current Job Openings at GLOBHE

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