At Fjällräven, everything we do has an impact on the environment and its inhabitants, and we make sure that impact is as small as possible. We're an outdoor company, and we deeply respect and care for nature. Our approach is mindful - we carefully consider our design choices, materials, and production locations for our clothing and equipment. We don't claim perfection; indeed, we know there's always room for improvement. Our mission is to operate on nature's terms, to develop products that last for generations, to set high standards for ourselves and our suppliers, and to introduce more people to the beauty and benefits of nature. With our commitment to reusing, repairing, and recycling, we aim to leave our basecamp better than we found it.

Sustainability at Fjallraven

  • SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

    We are striving to ensure responsible consumption and production patterns by developing clothing and gear that last for generations and by encouraging the practice of reusing, repairing and recycling. We also place strict standards on ourselves and our suppliers to ensure sustainability in our operations.

Current Job Openings at Fjallraven

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