At FAIRMAT, we recycle carbon fiber composite, reducing the ecological impact, to create a new material that is strong and very light. Founded in 2020, we are a French deep-tech company, High Tech & High CSR, committed to a more sustainable future. We provide an alternative to incineration and landfilling of carbon waste, preserving the environment while offering a sustainable and cost-effective material to industries and consumers.

Sustainability at FAIRMAT

  • SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

    We support SDG 9 through our innovation in recycling carbon fiber composites. We are creating a new, eco-friendly material which contributes to industry innovation and infrastructure, promoting sustainable industrialization that benefits the environment and society.

  • SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

    We are directly addressing SDG 12 by ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns. Our recycling process promotes resource and energy efficiency, sustainable infrastructure, and it provides better quality of life for all.

  • SDG 13 Climate Action

    We actively contribute to SDG 13 by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through our recycling process and promoting low-carbon materials, thus helping in the fight against climate change.

Current Job Openings at FAIRMAT

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