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At Dendra, we believe that every day counts, and we have an opportunity to restore our natural world by integrating the best of technology, science and people. It’s more than just 1 trillion trees; it’s sustained ecosystem restoration to have a consistent, positive and balanced impact on our planet. We are described as innovation catalysts, working together with partners in this emerging industry, transforming ideas into reality and scaling them into business opportunities. We combine decades of research in ecology and land restoration with cutting edge artificial intelligence and drone technologies to speed up and scale up land rehabilitation.

Sustainability at Dendra Systems

  • SDG 13 Climate Action

    We aim to tackle Climate Change by harnessing nature-based carbon sequestration solutions. By restoring ecosystems at a large scale, we help sequester carbon and improve the health of our planet.

  • SDG 15 Life On Land

    Our mission is Life on Land restoration. Using advanced technology, we assist in restoring natural habitats, promoting biodiversity, and ensuring the growth and survival of ecosystems.

Current Job Openings at Dendra Systems

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