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At Aquabyte, we're on a mission to revolutionize the sustainability and efficiency of aquaculture. We aim to make fish farming cheaper and more viable than livestock production, addressing one of the biggest causes of climate change and preparing our planet for impending population growth. Our product aids Norwegian salmon farmers to understand their fish populations and make environmentally sound decisions. With custom underwater cameras, computer vision, and machine learning, we quantify fish weights, detect sea lice infestations, and generate optimal feeding plans in real time. We believe that now is the time to define how technology is used to harvest the sea for generations to come.

Sustainability at Aquabyte

  • SDG 14 Life Below Water

    At Aquabyte, we're focused on making aquaculture, the fastest growing food-production sector in the world, more sustainable. Through the use of underwater cameras, computer vision, and machine learning, we help fish farmers understand their fish populations better and make environmentally-sound decisions, contributing to life below water.

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